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tv   [untitled]    September 13, 2011 8:52pm-9:22pm PDT

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vetted in public safety this thursday that makes it official that adult probation is on point, should this be approved by the board the following week once it gets out of committee, will be on point, than in concert with the sheriff's the part to be able to receive approximately 700 inmates that are coming from the state. san francisco is on the eve of this program being implemented. it is literally within three weeks. every county in the state of california i think is in the position of trying to brace themselves for what the realignment plan is. we had, i thought, a very robust reentry council meeting this morning over the state building and have to say that we concluded the meeting with this one, sort of, recognition that san francisco is far ahead of the game than many other districts in california. talking to many other peers of
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hours, do you may be by design or by default, i think we were fortunate to create the council long before we knew there was a governor jerry brown or that there would be state prison realignment back to san francisco. attendees but the pieces in place so that the criminal justice partners would be able to come to gather and develop and scope of plan that is now before us. many other counties do not have reentry councils. many of them operate under what would be considered somewhat a very obsolete process in being able to help manage a jail population and additional jail population, especially for count is not just getting hundreds but thousands of prisoners returning back to their respective counties. this but san francisco on the edge of its seat, both in criminal justice, rehabilitation reentry and in public safety. it is really the first time san francisco has been able to have more of a concentric circle of
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who those municipal stakeholders are from the police apartment to the district attorney, public defender, adult and juvenile probation, sheriff's department, the freed upper cbo's, nonprofits that deal with -- the fleet of cbo's and others who sit at the reentry consul. san francisco looks very prepared on paper. in the budget that we are expecting to really operate this program by, for the upcoming year, is approximately between $13 million or $15 million. we are not getting all the funds we should be getting. as the question we posed earlier to mayor lee, the portion we have to then supply is approximately $5 million or $6 million. that is going to have to come from somewhere, especially if there is an added population of prisoners that we are not expecting.
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there is one overriding concern we will have to monitor, and that is that what 12 and 13 us before us today is we are adding 31 new positions, appropriately so and legitimately so in the combination of adult probation who is going to get the substance of those positions and then public defender and district attorney. what our hope is that for those positions, that all the money is not so staff heavy that it is not getting to direct services. it is direct services on the ground that we have to make sure that realignment is going to have to touch the lives of the men and women who are coming back through the system, through the state system, through the jail system hoping that we will be able to impede and encourage or discourage them from leading a bp life of crime -- repeat life of crime. i see that she's still is here. i think that this is just, you know, a simple sort of lesson of
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what has been well prep for over a good portion of this year. realignment starts in three weeks. colleagues, if you have any questions, the chief is here, the va is here, and some of the criminal justice partners are here. >> thanks. are these employees going to be calpers employees or spur's employees? or is it and mix? like the adult probation folks will be calpers? >> it is a mix, but the majority of the folks in front of you would be calpers. supervisor chiu: any additional discussion? can we take these items same house, call? without objection, these ordinances are passed on the first reading. >> item 14, and in the resolution of the contracts
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between in the amount of approximately $419 million. >> same house, same call. the resolution is adopted. >> the 27th amendment to the waterfront between the treasure island development authority, to extend the term. item 16, approving the seventh amendment for the development of the authority of the u.s. navy. in 17 with the cooperative modification, the resolution approving the treasure island event, with the treasure island development authority. item 19 is a resolution approving the 35th amendment with the lease between the treasure island development authority and the u.s. navy.
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this is extending the term. >> same house, same call? these resolutions are adopted. >> the resolution approving the public safety realignment plan. >> same house, same call? >> the resolution approving the execution and delivery, not to exceed 100 million with the refunding certificates of participation, for the refunding bonds by the redevelopment agency. >> this resolution is adopted. item 23? >> the airport commission to extend funding from they transportation security administration from the airport team program. >> the same house, same call?
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we call items number 24 through 28? >> this is implementing amendment no. 5 to the memorandum of understanding between the city and the firefighters local by extending the terms to june 30, 2015. and this is implementing the amendment number between the city and the police officers association. extending the terms to june 30, 2015. an ordinance adopted amendment no. 4 between the city and municipal executives association by extending the terms to june 30, 2015. implementing no. 4 to the 2013 -- by extending the terms of this to june 30, 2015 and the
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ordinance adopting no. 4 to the 2007 between the city and its pole executives. and extending this to june 30, 2015. >> and is there any discussion? supervisor of the los? >> a question for the city attorney. i recall in the first proposition -- this had to be approved prior to the budget being finalized, and the facts that these are amendments, that requirement is not necessary? >> this is been deferred to the project. >> human-resources director -- the 2000 legislation did remove the june 30 deadline for the
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concession agreement so this particular amendment is not subject to the deadline, the may 15 deadline for public safety and this contract. >> thank you. >> is there any further discussion? do we need to do a roll-call vote? we will take these items, the same house, same call? these ordinances are passed in the first reading. item 29. >> this is a man into the 2013 mou, extending this -- >> without objection -- she will be excused, and if we could take a roll-call vote on item 29.
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>> mar, eye. mirkarimi, aye. weiner, aye. avalos, aye. campos, aye. chu, aye. cohen? cohen, aye. 10 ayes. >> the ordinance is passed on the first meeting pick -- first reading. but us go to the special order. >> items 30 and 31 comprised the board of supervisors pursuant to a motion approved on july 19. a public hearing of those objecting to the proposed resolution with a property based community benefit district, item 31 well up and
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and rename this community district as the film more community benefit district. >> this is a public hearing that was continued from july 26 to today, and i understand with murder ramey, he would like to continue to keep the public hearing open and will ask if he has any comments that he would like to make. >> this is a motion for another continuance but realizing that the hearing should at least allow for anyone who would like to give them put, i have sent a message to the office of economic workforce development, which has been leading the charge on the renewal of these throughout the city. i am not quite there and i know others have concerns about this renewal, so until those points
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of concern are satisfied, i believe we should continue this to october 8. >> if there is anyone here wishing to speak on this item, we will open public comment but this will also be continued to the 18th of october. the public will have additional times to make comments. to any members of the public wish to speak about this plan? each member of the public will have two minutes for comments. please step up. >> i am susan king, and i run the foundation program. the community benefit districts -- >> would you like to start over
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again? >> i run the sunday streets program. i wanted to speak on behalf of the important role that they play in supporting sunday streets. this is an effort that is presented by the fda but the organization has done by livable city. we don't have a lot of resources. in the various places we visit -- this has provided much-needed support in terms of programming, outreach and marketing and other things we would have to go without or pay for. fillmore has been a great partner, and i don't know if you were able to make it out last weekend on september 11, but there was a lot of activity in
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all the neighborhoods, and most robustly in the film more and meghan mitchell worked very diligently to marshal fantastic music and great events, fun things for the whole family, helping with programming and marketing, letting the neighborhood know about changes to parking and traffic, and including sunday streets as part of the international artists week. in closing, this is an important institution and meghan worked very hard to support the merchants that bring life to this corridor. i really wanted to go on record by saying that sunday streets would not have been as successful without the staff. >> other members of the public?
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>> supervisors, i am as washington. i was one of the persons at the inception of this in our community. the western admission is like no other part of the san francisco area. where redevelopment agencies have created this. they can flaunt what they had, to help them, to let the community know. this was not for the community and we had no part in this. in a minute and 20 seconds -- you will delay this section again. but the community is being held hostage right now, because they don't care about the community.
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we are built up for the property owners and the taxpayers. they have been trying to change the name from communities of this is not a problem. i am here to say that they are corrupt. one thing for certain. there needs to be an internal investigation on the cbd. the latest document that was passed around, this was on june 11. you cannot say for two minutes, no bookkeeping records and writing checks when they want to. i know that you have this copy. so why are you not investigating any of this stuff? there needs to be an investigation because they are corrupt along with a lot of other things.
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they are corrupt. when it finally comes down to, you will not approve of this. >> i watched my son die in the western addition. i am glad that this will be a continuation, because this is the first time we're hearing of this and the name change. i did not think enough people really know what this entails. i am happy that this will be continued and i will investigate more about this, because the true people in my community are not being informed about what is really going on. thank you.
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>> supervisors? i did read the letter from the secretary, and it was very disappointing to see the transparency over the years -- somehow, we are not getting the information and i am of lying to a lot of what they are doing. the last time i spoke about this, i supported them but i was speaking about some kind of condition. if we are going to have this with the community that we can monitor and work directly, you would have this going back and forth and then when this is time for renewal, people do not know to support this or not. and i have tried everything in my power to connect with them,
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to make sure the community has a voice. i know a lot of people -- rooted in the community, but in a way with the community does not feel left out. we need some kind of investigation because at the end of the day, you are responsible. some people just say to do away with it, and i do not think this but i think we need to read everything that has been done in the past. and this board and this body should protect them and guard them. it seems the office of workplace development does not step up when this is critical but they want to support when everything is going great. let's get some further information so we can see where we are going with this.
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>> you asked for an investigation. i would like to hear what aspects you would like? >> i have requested information but this was not forthcoming in a timely manner. some of the minutes are not in place. and since they operate and we get secondary information, it puts us in the position where we cannot speak intelligently about what is going on. the other major property owners are stepping back because nobody wants to be liable for what may happen down the line. -- everyone talks about transparency. without transparency, you don't have people who feel that
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they're working for other interests rather than the community. and renaming this is even a controversial issue for the community. >> thank you. >> supervisors. i see some of you are paying attention and some of you think that this is a circus or something. the constituents here talk about these machinations with no transparency, and someone has a history of what is happening in the film more starting with the redevelopment, and with people coming here and just making general statements, and you are supposed to represent, not
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paying attention and then there cannot be education. let me put this assembly. so we can get to the point. 35% of the population of san francisco were african-american. with the unfinished agenda, find out what is the state of affairs. the supervisors have come back from a vacation and i hope that you are refreshed to do some research on this. you think that everything is rosy, but we are in dire economic times. when the constituents come to speak on the things where they need to your help, the least you can do is listen to them.
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some of you have been bought by the big developers and you have sold your soul and not represented -- you are buffoons, thank you very much. >> and are there any other members of the public wishing to speak? >> thank-you, chairman and members of the board. i have appeared before you on this matter, some time ago. i am here to set the record straight about the transparency of the operation as well as the ongoing efforts to renew this. with respect to transparency, i urge members of the board and the public to take a moment to access all of the activities,
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the minutes, the latest audit, the annual report, which is managed by the office of economic and work-force development and the events going on in the community. we make an effort to send e-mail notification about all the meetings, and we actually pose them around the neighborhood, physically, and furthermore, we make an effort to reach out to the community, up and down the street. the issue of transparency and information is one that each and everyone of us has to take some initiative to learn about. and i just ask everyone here to go on the web site, what is that
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website? the fillmore district, and just learn more about this before you pass judgment. thank you. >> any other members of the public. >> i am not on this and i never have been. i don't plan to in the future. the biggest problem that they have had and they are having an no one has mentioned this that there are two giant elephants in the room. the fillmore center and safe way. they are pulling back because they don't want to be associated with what may go on. fillmore center has been in
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control for any realistic purposes since the inception. this has existed and the general manager has been the chair and they have had three or four votes on the board at all times. and now, they and safeway don't want to give their money. not even discussing the millions of dollars that they take out of that community, every day. at one time, this was the no. 1 safeway in northern california. and if you look at that safeway, and i have gone to every safeway in san francisco, every one of them is better cared for. i want to talk about where the
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responsibility is in that community and the lack of support has been murderous for any of the efforts we tried to handle in our community. they do not support or give back and that is why they're having these problems. the reason you are being put over his unwillingness to support these efforts. >> the next speaker? ♪ i hoep you name the district right in the filmore district you love so much. how i love to see it turn out great in the district filmore above after a while you will find a new name and then it will be a better change share your jazz love
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underscore me my disguise. oh hope you name it right and fix it up today ♪ >> are there any other members of the public who wish to speak on this item? >> thank you, board members. thank you for continuing this item. i don't know how many people -- i hope to look more forward into this issue. the young man talking about transparency says he thinks this is transparency. one thing we ask for was transparency. the two people who went to negotiate came back with an idea of having the fillmore center, the biggest real-estate
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organization, having to veto power. this is the kind of fundamental human right, this is where they were confronted and i need you to understand what is behind this, that we are upset about. all the people you have heard so far are not property owners and some of them do not even live there. you need to get stakeholders and board members negotiating. this means, at the expense of losing my rights or my people's rights, my democratic rights, this will not happen. they have the publicly funded properly for $200 million in five years.


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